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Why educators choose us

This program has been created by educators for educators – to deliver the best outcomes for your students, and also to slide seamlessly into your workflow.  As regulations and educations system change, we adapt our program and our delivery support to  make it as easy possible for you to implement.  Educators consistently give this program a ten out of ten. When you experience it for yourself, we're confident that you will too.




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The My Best Self program is recognised by the NSW Department of Education as a "Preferred Provider Program". Underwritten by the Wellbeing Framework – enabling students to connect, succeed and thrive. It also explicitly addresses all 4 elements of the Personal and Social Capability Learning Continuum: Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Self Management and Social Management. Additionally, it delivers 10 of the 11 outcomes in the PDHPE syllabus, along with the 3 dance outcomes of Performing, Composing and Appreciating from the Creative Arts K-6 syllabus. 



We know educators have a lot on their plate. Behind the scenes, our job
is to make it as easy as possible for you to implement our program – from world-class dance instructors and personalised phone support through to interactive handbooks.



Our program is affordable for the vast majority of families and compares very favourably to other options. And, importantly, it's not just for athletes and born dancers; any child can participate and benefit fully.



The MY BEST SELF program has a lasting positive effect on students
and the broader school community. It fosters inter-gender respect, relationship skills and self-confidence,  producing students who are
well-rounded, respectful, courageous and resilient. It's also an effective antidote to the social media / screen-time epidemic. 



DanceSport and partner dancing in particular is a light activity that
just makes everyone smile – whether you're participating, supervising
or spectating, it's a joyous thing to do – the positivity is infectious.



Compare DanceSport to high-impact contact sports like football, netball, basketball, hockey and cricket and really there's no contest. All classes and competitions are fully supervised by professional dance instructors with the assistance of the designated school coordinator and/or other school staff.



The language of dance, and partner dancing in particular, is universal.
It's something that is found and celebrated in cultures the world over. Whether it's the product of inter-generational memory or fundamental human instinct, the fact remains that parter-dancing has a universal appeal – even to those who fear it. 



Unlike team sports, solo dancing or troupe dancing, our partner dancing program is unique in that it builds invaluable partnership skills – one on one. Interdependence, trust and respect are vital cornerstones for successful partnerships throughout life.



Within every school community, especially in multicultural countries like Australia and the USA, there are often divisive or fractious factors – factors that our Program has an astounding ability to overcome. Its community-building effect is something to behold.



DanceSport Confidence provides full-accredited pathways for students to become professional dancers and/or professional instructors – either as a full-time career or as a way to support themselves through tertiary education.

The “My Best Self” program provides children with the essential experience of developing
a strong foundation of well-being and emotional health, positive social connection using verbal
and non-verbal communication, and appraising feelings related to facing challenges,
change, and others’ perspectives.

The key themes of respectful relationships, courage and resilience are embedded throughout the program and can be adapted to a broad range of developmental levels and learning styles. The spiralling curriculum can be readily reinforced and built upon over time, enhancing the opportunity for these principles to become anchored in their development and sense of self over their lifetime. Skills of reflection, gratitude, acceptance and tolerance, goal-setting and resilience are implicitly woven into the program. By using their minds
and bodies in connecting with others through shared experiences of social decision-making and
meaningful reciprocal interactions, self-discovery has never looked this fun.

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Natasha van der Wall  l  Psychologist
BA, MA (Psych), MPsych (Child & Educational), MAPS

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Peta Hanson

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