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In-school Program

The DanceSport Confidence Program started in 2006 in collaboration with the NSW Government and the Department of Education. Starting with 180 students, the program has now grown to over 10,000 students each year. Its focus is the development of core values – respect, courage and resilience.


In 2022, the program was renamed "My Best Self" and is now recognised by the NSW Department of Education as a Preferred Provider Program for Student Wellbeing. 

The “My Best Self” program provides children with the essential experience of developing
a strong foundation of well-being and emotional health, positive social connection using verbal
and non-verbal communication, and appraising feelings related to facing challenges,
change, and others’ perspectives.

The key themes of respectful relationships, courage and resilience are embedded throughout the program and can be adapted to a broad range of developmental levels and learning styles. The spiralling curriculum can be readily reinforced and built upon over time, enhancing the opportunity for these principles to become anchored in their development and sense of self over their lifetime. Skills of reflection, gratitude, acceptance and tolerance, goal-setting and resilience are implicitly woven into the program. By using their minds
and bodies in connecting with others through shared experiences of social decision-making and
meaningful reciprocal interactions, self-discovery has never looked this fun.

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Natasha van der Wall  l  Psychologist
BA, MA (Psych), MPsych (Child & Educational), MAPS

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