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We're all about growth – personal growth

For nearly two decades, we’ve been working with tens of thousands of children,
and witnessing the transformative power of our partner dance programs. Year in, year out we see children
learn how to connect, succeed and thrive; developing invaluable social skills and self-confidence while
engaged in an activity they thoroughly enjoy. The dance skills are a bonus!
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Our mission is to foster the wellbeing of an entire generation of children, helping them grow in confidence, develop social skills, respect, courage and resilience;in short, to become their best selves.

Gordon Gilkes, FOUNDER

Community. Equity. Inclusion.

DanceSport Confidence consistently demonstrates a unique ability to build connections through community, equity and inclusion. Our programs provide opportunities for students, parents, teachers and community members to engage in confidence-building skills which culminate in a joyful celebration of partner dancing. All our programs are equitable and inclusive, promoting respectful relationships between all people regardless of ability, race, gender, religion or socioeconomic status.


We are a wellbeing company.

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