The Dance School Program

The Dancesport Confidence Program started in 2006 with the express purpose of uniting communities by teaching children to dance, as a way of building mutual respect, cooperation, partnership and responsibility. It has expanded over the last years from the original six schools in Sydney’s Southern Region, to over 50 schools across the Sydney region.

Results have driven this expansion. The program produces positive and lasting changes in student attitudes and behaviour, including improved learning. It leads also to a sense of achievement and builds self-confidence.

Program Outcomes

Principals and school coordinators of the program have reported that it:

  • Develops of a new physical skill that may be further expanded
  • Assists maturing by developing a unique set of social skills
  • Improves communication skills
  • Promotes a more positive style of interaction between teachers and students; and a strong sense of achievement through building self- belief and confidence.

Whether representing my country in the World Championships or competing on Dancing with the Stars with Olympian Legend Dawn Fraser… nothing has been more inspiring, more uplifting or fulfilling for me, than achieving such positive development of confidence, trust and respect between children through Dancesport Confidence. To experience the impact of developing confidence and social skills in children is to witness the fabric of their world change to a new level.

Gordon Gilkes


The Events

From its humble beginnings of 180 students in 2006, the program has grown to see over 4000 students vying to perform at their best to be eligible to represent their school in the coveted Dancesport Confidence Championship. This event is now held over two nights to accommodate the many schools participating in Sydney. In September 2016 there will be over 1600 year 5 students performing at their best. Additional local and regional events also take place each year to create the opportunity for students to dance and perform.

The Impact

Implications of Social- Emotional programs have taught us that it is no longer enough for students to be developed academically or through sports. Their mental and emotional wellbeing is critical to their ability to develop as a balanced human being.

Rediscovering an old method of helping children to interact, Dancesport Confidence is a powerful tool for teachers to develop relationships through respect, self-confidence and trust.

The Process

We have Dancesport programs for all ages from Kinder to year 6.
The Dancesport Confidence is specifically aimed at year 5. Through a course of 20 classes, beginner dancers will become not only proficient but confident to perform with their partner in front of a large audience. We recommend including the entire cohort to ensure all children have the opportunity for the experience.

The Principals

The program was a very positive experience for our students. They learnt how to hold each other in a respectful way, learnt five dance styles that none of them had ever danced before and enjoyed interaction with adults in a different context that they were not used to.

Even after the program ceased, the students were still asking if ballroom dancing was still on. The support provided by the committee was always there and having an experienced teacher as a mentor for a new school was wonderful.

Contact Us

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The Macquarie Park Dancesport Gala Event

Mon 9th Oct, 2018 6:00pm – 8:30pm AEDT

AUD $17.00 – AUD $65.00 All Ages.

A Child Under 5yrs old will be admitted FREE of charge but will be required to sit on an adult’s lap.

The most exciting Dancesport event in Sydney, where Public Schools from the Macquarie Park Directorate battle out the glittering competition dancing Jive, Salsa, Cha Cha and Tango.

Dazzling lights, sequins, and the result of hard work is viewed under the tough scrutiny of the judges. See representatives from your school show off their considerable skills in a wonderful display of colour, movement, energy and sheer joy!

To avoid disappointment, don’t leave your ticket to the last minute, book your seats NOW; it will be a sell-out!


PERFORMERS – NOT required to purchase a ticket
INFORMATION related to this event other than ticketing should be directed to your child’s school
NO REFUNDS for incorrect choice or change of mind!
A Child Under 5yrs old will be admitted FREE of charge but will be required to sit on an adult’s lap