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All of our programs offer students the opportunity to meet new people, dance competitively and have an enormous amount of fun at our Gala Events! Events are held at the conclusion of each program, in conjunction with schools, to celebrate the achievements of all students. Parents are warmly welcomed and are always amazed to see how far their children have come!


Competitions are also regularly held for our students who join our After School Program, providing opportunities for students to compete against dancers from other regions, states, or even other countries. Some of our students have gone on to become national champion dancers in their age categories. In addition, with our affiliation with the Special Olympics, we are looking forward to our students competing on the world stage as part of the next Special Olympics!

…”Still remember all of it till this day, I was a finalist for Tango. Probably one of the best experiences of my life….”


Jaynee, former Year 5 student.

Password to the Parents Portal will be sent with your Event Ticket email

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Leesa Martin, CEO

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